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Is Wolves Summit for you?

Is Wolves Summit the right conference for me?

If you had heard about our event before, chances are you have asked yourself this question. The truth is, the answer to this question depends on who you are and what industry you represent. We pride ourselves on supporting the innovation ecosystem by providing it with matchmaking and networking opportunities of the highest relevance.

To make the decision regarding participation in Wolves Summit easier for you, we have examined the data we gather about our attendees and divided it into categories. In this article, you will find, among others, how participants rate the conference, its growth throughout the years, as well as the data regarding startups, investors and corporates joining Wolves Summit. Continue reading to check if our conference is the answer to your business needs.

Wolves Summit is an international conference for startups, investors, corporates and executives that understand the importance of time-efficiency and building strong business connections. If you  fall into one of those groups, you will definitely find like-minded people during the event. Let's take a closer look at each of them.

The data below consists of the information we have gathered about and from the participants up to the 8th edition of Wolves Summit.




The first edition of Wolves Summit was organized in 2015 in Gdynia, Poland, but due to its the growing interest in it as well as the market needs, it was quickly moved to Warsaw, the capital od Poland. From the very beginning, there were two editions organized per annum, the Spring one (March - April) and the Autumn one (September - October). Since then, the conference has been growing and spreading its impact regionally and globally. As the majority of the participants are interested in European relations, in 2017 the Autumn edition was transformed. Now it focuses mainly on the CEE region.



The main focus of Wolves Summit is to provide the innovation community with  favourable conditions to building strong and relevant business connections. We put a lot of effort into improving the 1:1 meetings, making sure that our participants can enjoy the highest time-efficiency during the conference. The 1:1 meetings are a crucial part of Wolves Summit. The unique formula of prescheduled 15-minute meetings supported by a matchmaking tool that helps participants find those who fit their needs the most has gained worldwide fame and became a key reason for the growth of hundreds of companies from around the world.


Statystyki-o-WS-1When looking at the data regarding Wolves Summit attendees, it is important to distinguish the CEE editions from others, as, focusing on a smaller region, they attract different audience. Which is why both; the 6th and 8th editions are separated on the graph.


Wolves Summit is a conference for startups, investors and corporates who value efficient networking and want to support innovation worldwide. We gather top players, the experts and influencers of their sectors, providing them with various opportunities to meet their business goals. 


When looking at the data regarding Wolves Summit attendees, it is important to distinguish the CEE editions from others, as, focusing on a smaller region, they attract different audience. Which is why both; the 6th and 8th editions are separated on the graph.

Statystyki-o-WS-3The table above shows the average % growth in the number of the representatives of specific groups with each Wolves Summit edition. The data for the CEE editions (6th, 8th) has been separated, as they target a different audience. However, in regards to both - CEE and non-CEE editions - Wolves Summit grows. 

The average growth [%] of the number of Wolves Summit attenees:

  • non-CEE editions - 32,90%
  • CEE editions - 21,85%



It is essential for us to make sure that the tech startups present at Wolves Summit are given equal chances for development and spreading their impact, no matter the growth stage. Understanding that the startupper's life is not easy and that they usually don't have a conference budget planned, for years now, we have been allowing them to join our conference for free, once successfully going through the selection process.



  • Sector
  • Business Model
  • Product / Service (its potential for development and fit to the market needs)
  • Stage (we make sure that there's not only one growth stage represented)
  • Fit to investors' and corporates' business needs



  1. Nearly 70% of tech startups joining Wolves Summit look for some kind of support; investment being their primary goal (39,05%), followed by finding a Business Partner (30,12%).
  2. 92,45% of startups are either at an early (36,77%), seed (29,94%) or growth (25,74%) stage.
  3. More than a half of tech startups represent B2B business model.
  4. Although there are various sectors represented by startups at Wolves Summit, the top 3 are Big Data and Analytics, Business and Productivity Services and Consumer / E-Commerce.
  5. The majority of Wolves Summit startups come from Europe, but at the same time, the 2nd most represented country is the USA.



Investors that join Wolves Summit represent various groups; Investment Funds, VCs and Business Angels. Usually around 200 of them come to each Wolves Summit with a goal to support best tech startups from around the world.


Some of the Investors that have joined us in the pastIndex Ventures, Techstars, Earlybird, Blumberg Capital, Draper Associates, Innogy, Startupbootcamp, Runa Capital, High-Tech Gründerfonds, Mosaic Ventures, Karma Ventures, Wayra, Cherry Ventures, Open Ocean, Korelya Capital and Credo Ventures.

image (1)


  1. 77,46% of Investors look for either early (29,80%), growth (24,36%) or seed (23,30%) stage startups and they're willing to invest on average up to 1,000,000 € in them.
  2. The majority of Investors are interested in B2B model (46,55%), but the interest in B2C model is also high (38,15%).
  3. 86,23% of Investors look for European Startups.
  4. The top 3 sectors Investors are interested in are Big Data & AnalyticsAI & Robotics and IoT/IoE & Sensors.



Corporations are one of the most prominent groups at Wolves Summit. Usually there are around 300 corporates present at each Wolves Summit. They represent global companies that look for the most efficient solutions to the problems of today and tomorrow.


Some of the brands that attend Wolves Summit on  a regular basisT-Mobile, PKO BP, 3M, P&G, PwC, Google, Cisco, Bayer, PwC, Microsoft, Amazon, GE, hub:raum, ProsiebenSat1, Samsung and Raiffeisen.

image-18-1SUM UP

  1. Corporates are willing to invest on average up to 1,000,000 € in tech startups.
  2. The majority of Investors are interested in B2B model (47,26%), but the interest in B2C model is also high (34,94%).
  3. 95,19% of Corporates look for European Startups.
  4. The top 3 sectors Corporations are interested in are AI & RoboticsBig Data & Analytics and IoT/IoE & Sensors.



  1. The primary goals of startups is to find Investment (39,05%) or a Business Partner (30,12%), the average maximum investment size for both Investors and Corporations is 1,000,000 €.
  2. The most desired startup business model is B2B and it is also the one the majority of Wolves Summit startups represent.
  3. The 3 stages Investors are the most interested in are Early Stage, Growth Stage and Seed Stage. They are also the 3 stages the majority of Wolves Summit represent.
  4. Both Investors and Corporates that attend Wolves Summit are mostly interested in European Startups and the majority of Startups joining Wolves Summit come from Europe.
  5. 5 out of 5 sectors Investors are the most interested in fall into the top sectors Wolves Summit Startups represent.
  6. 4 out of 5 sectors Corporations are the most interested in fall into the top sectors Wolves Summit Startups represent. 

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