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Why Startups Decline Your Investment Offers


It is always a surprise when a startup declines an investment offer, even if it’s a tempting one. What drives such decisions and can you, as an investor, prevent them from happening?

The majority of resources tell only one side of the story, which is why investors will not put money in startups. It usually comes down to pointing out all mistakes young companies do, without really showing interest in resolving the issues. Yes, startups usually try to implement certain changes to become more attractive to investors, but it’s only the tip of the iceberg. Above all, however, they will be looking for an offer that suits them the most, so they might get a little picky and choose to decline your proposition and turn to another fund. This is where investors need to intervene.

Key features of a good deal for investors

To understand the issue, let’s have a look at why invest in startups in the first place. these companies have a higher risk of failing than any other type of enterprise, and yet, they are still game changers. The money you put in a startup is not a treat, it’s a promise for creating more revenue and multiplying the amount at least 10 times. You won’t invest in a company that is expected to return 2 or 5 times more. Money’s one of the key indicators here. Another one is an excellent team. A team of fully dedicated people that strongly believe in their vision, plus can convince you to invest in their company. Even when the idea doesn’t work out, they will still be able to pivot quickly and provide a decent financial return.
However, VCs, business angels, early, or growth stage investors all agree it’s not just about the idea of a startup. If it were only about that, funds would sink at an alarming rate and finding a potential unicorn would be much more difficult. A good deal means a combination of a well-explained idea, the right timing (it can’t be too late nor too early for the company to set roots on the market), a versatile team capable of learning new things fast, and a great market research. Startup founders that pitch these 4 points perfectly, have a much higher rate of winning investment rounds. They’re not the only attributes, obviously, but there’s no deal without them.

Why startups decide to drop investment offers

For a number of reasons, but they’re all linked to one: misunderstanding. The key to successful cooperation between startup and investor is maintaining good relations. You are not just investing money in a company. You need to think beyond the financial gain and create non-material value.
Startups aren’t looking for a loan with a strict deadline to meet and create satisfactory revenue. It’s one of their goals, of course, but what they really need, is a mentor, that is going to guide them through the process and offer advice when necessary.
Founders have their own visions for development and they will always appreciate a piece of solid advice. There is no room for attempting to take over startup’s management. It might be a problem with some investors, who, without having prior entrepreneurial experience, may suggest introducing changes that will not work in all situations. It’s good to try and adapt advice to the current environment.
What’s also interesting, is that startups are often not ready to take the offer. It seems all’s going well, until investors reveal the list of expectations. Above all, it must be a mutual cooperation, a symbiosis that creates equal value for both parties with the same amount of effort put in.

What makes a good investor?

Having set the grounds, it is time to focus on the positive traits of investors. Due to the increase in the number of VC firms or business angels’ networks, there are plenty of opportunities for startups to raise funding. The latest 2017 Yearbook by NVCA (National Venture Capital Association) shows that the number of VC funds has reached an optimal level and is growing steadily, opposed to the 10-year drop between 2005 and 2015. It simply means the competition is not going to shrink too soon. In order to remain attractive to startups, investors need to follow a few rules. These, however, are to be implemented in the company, not only used once towards a specific entity. The experience of all Wolves Summit conferences helps a lot in pointing out some of the most important characteristics.

Keep reading to find out what traits make a good investor. They are in no particular order.

Key thing to remember at all times: you do not just add the money, there is much more behind the cooperation with startups. As mentioned above, founders primarily look for advice and mentoring. Examples from inside and outside the startup ecosystem prove that subsidies are not the best solution to development. Even the popular saying states you should give a man a fish to feed him for a day, but teaching him how to fish will feed him for a lifetime. It is especially noticed in supporting the developing countries. Providing financial aid must go along with creating new opportunities, eg. building schools, financing scholarships, or drilling water wells.

Hence the next highly respected feature, helping with further fundraising. There’s little chance the startup you mentor will be happy with finishing after your round of investment. Since you have a wide business network at hand, it is easier to come up with diversifying financing source. Startups usually begin with bootstrapping, steadily going towards investments from the outside. If you have access to decision-makers in certain organizations, such as accelerators or governmental entities, you may suggest your founders to continue the process of fundraising from there. It will not only strengthen your position as a reliable investor and mentor, making you more attractive in the eyes of other companies, but also boost the startup from your own portfolio.

Be ready to mentor and share knowledge. Entering a startup company also means becoming a team member. And the character of such organization requires that we are willing to help, if needed. You, as an investor with vast knowledge, should want to share tips and tricks on how to run a tech company successfully. It is, after all, in your interest to get a satisfying ROI and let the startup expand on the market. Not only will it ensure the team is well-educated in terms of running a business, but it simply makes your internal relations better. The startup members need to feel like they have an expert onboard, who is excited about providing relevant knowledge. You can become friends, but please remember to keep business as professional as possible. It’s often said there are no friends in business. It doesn’t necessarily have to be true as long as you set some boundaries at the beginning of cooperation.

It leads to another aspect – being responsive. There is no use having mentors in the team, if they’re not there to help in times of trouble. You integrate with the startup, put huge amounts of money in it, so it should be your responsibility to look after the firm. Of course, the CEO, CTO, CFO, CMO, or other C’s are still valid, but they aren’t entitled to make all decisions once you are part of the company. Mutual respect and trust are key here. Startups work fast, and the decisions are made just as fast. There is no time to scheduling meetings for the following month. They don’t need to be face-to-face meetings in the first place. Sometimes many settlements can be established at a phone call or over Skype. It’s also a good choice to start using instant messengers for teams like Slack. Not only does it make the whole process more efficient, but also allows you to systematise communication within the company. Plus, you can stay in touch wherever the internet connection is available.

What may be surprising, startups often value investors who have prior entrepreneurial experience. They look for people who have gone through a similar path and know what the bigger and smaller issues of running a company are. Paradoxically, it’s simple to acquire theoretical knowledge, learn the mechanisms and definitions. What’s challenging, is the ability to implement those and not fail along the way. Founders need the practicality investors bring. Your experience as an entrepreneur shows real value behind the person. A successful enterprise in your resume? Even better. Once you know all the ups and downs companies encounter, you’re able to give advice that has actually been tested in the field. And the shift towards investing proves you know enough to mentor young tech companies.

One thing startups often struggle with, is the human capital. If you decide to invest in a specific company, you sure have reviewed and evaluated the team and its potential. Once the company starts expanding, there’s need for more professionals. Your business network can become useful in terms of finding relevant people fast. Good investors help with recruiting. Thanks to strong connections and entrepreneurial knowledge they already have, the can provide valuable leads and find highly skilled executives and professionals faster compared to a standard recruitment process. The market’s demand for talents is high while the amount of dedicated people is still relatively low. Since the competition is strong, as an investor you have the advantage of knowing best professionals personally. Whether you met them at conferences or they reached out to you some time ago, it is essential that you maintain good relations with those people. They might become part of your team one day.

These are only a few desirable traits of investors that startups cooperate with and the list is definitely longer. However, staying aligned with these will make any investor more trustworthy and chances are , they will be the number one choice when looking for funds to reach out to. Founders look for money, advice, mentoring, and non-financial resources, such as wide business network. The key output is always cooperation of highest quality and this is what both sides should strive for at all times.

Traits that make a good investor:

  • it’s not just about adding the money
  • helping with further fundraising
  • mentoring and sharing knowledge
  • being responsive
  • having prior entrepreneurial experience
  • helping with recruiting processes

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Innovative upcycling platform that revolutionizes the way we think about secondary raw materials. The platform connects companies and corporations interested in managing their corporate waste with upcycling designers and producers who give it a second life by creating completely new, creative products. AI and software for industrial robots automating repetitive manual tasks in warehouses, offered as a service. Startup that is integrating all food delivery channels (Uber Eats, BoltFood, etc), POS systems and couriers into one place. The business idea is to sell and market automated solutions and products for sterilization in the healthcare vertical. The purpose is to be the first company in the world with a completely automatic sterilization process for surgical instruments of medical/dental practices and hospitals. It automates all sterilization processes, ensuring the highest standards and workflow control. Localization platform that allows you to translate your app autonomously into any human language without modifying your code. They’re making an ecosystem of products for indoor gardening, taking care of all your plants. Competent team, the B2C AgriTech Powerhouse. All-in-one event management software designed to help organizers streamline their events and boost the attendee experience. With it, organizers have access to attendee management and ticketing tools, a landing page builder, and web and mobile apps loaded with engaging features that create memorable experiences for event participants. Leading company specializing in innovative solutions for urban lighting management. With a focus on intelligent control systems for street lamps, offers cutting-edge technology that revolutionizes the way cities approach lighting infrastructure. At the core of solution is data platform, which empowers cities to optimize lighting operations. The platform offers features such as creating action scenarios, real-time monitoring of lamp statuses, circuit creation and management, brightness control, and individual lamp on/off control. A unique ecosystem merging online retail with societal impact. Impact-as-a-Service platform turns every transaction into an opportunity for climate action, boosting revenue, brand loyalty and driving a competitive edge in an increasingly eco-conscious market. New standard for certifying the transparency of the diamond industry. Their technology allows us to certify the identity and origin of diamonds in accordance with rigorous legal requirements and the expectations of a growing group of buyers to ensure the sustainable development of the diamond industry. SaaS-enabled marketplace for gaming This startup focuses on data aggregation, analytics and portfolio reporting for Global Wealth Management. Software that aggregates data from multiple sources for financial advisers, wealth managers, asset managers and family offices all into one platform. Giving them all the information they need in one place. Digital fin-tech platform that seeks to simplify payments and investment across Africa and Europe. Currently have over 5,000 customers & platform enables customers to make payments & investment across 7 countries including (Canda, Ghana, Nigeria, Rwanda, Kenya, and EU). Winners of the London Fintech startup awards 2023. AI software that imitates the writing style of any brand or employee in social media, creating posts for a human, just as he would do it himself, additionally automating the entire process of creating posts: Starting from suggesting ideas for a post, to creating content in the style of a given brand and transforming a raw product photo into an atmospheric photo tailored to the content of the post. Revolutionizing the way companies approach sustainability, offering a comprehensive platform that goes beyond mere carbon footprint calculation and reporting. Tailored for businesses aiming to navigate the complexities of EU regulations and achieve net-zero emissions. Platform distinguishes itself with advanced automated data collection and analysis, ensuring accuracy and compliance. Platform that connects cars and remote drivers. Our technology installs into any modern vehicle to enable driverless operations. Once on our platform, a vehicle can be driven remotely from anywhere, at any time, with or without passengers. Project against Fake-News in our society - automatically checks the trustworthiness of information from text sources and generative language models and works like an auto-corrector for content. AI-based system researches, analyses and calculates the trustworthiness of information based on journalistic standards, creates a trustworthiness score and transparently displays the sources used. Company with unique search engine based ai. It’s all connected to cross platform. Solution that offers cutting-edge HSM as a service, catering to the FinTech and Identity verification sectors in the Baltics. Their focus is on seamless integration, robust security, and empowering clients to safeguard digital assets with confidence. AI-driven e-commerce hub: Integrates ERP and connects other services, utilizes multi- regional data, and delivers experience to customer. New generation in productivity software powered by AI that's cuts down on costs and makes work smoother by combining everything businesses need—like messaging, video calls, project planning, and file storage—into one spot (imagine putting Slack, Zoom, Asana, Notion, and Dropbox all into Edworking). Startup that is developing AI-driven algorithms to support diagnosis of rare diseases. Mobile app combines users' personal data with retail loyalty programs and a bank payment card, all in one. It transforms your payment card into a universal loyalty card, allowing customers to enjoy retail discounts and make payments with a single card in one easy step. Solution has earned the prestigious VISA's Brand of the Year title. Comprehensive digital health solutions for oncology. Supporting the mental health, quality of life, and wellbeing of cancer patients. Their programme is a clinically validated medical intervention that is now reimbursed in Germany and Switzerland, with additional pilots in the US. B2B SaaS platform that automates mandatory food hygiene inspections for large-scale food producers. Repurposing hazardous waste, which no one recycles, into green building materials. 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AI combined with trained human moderators analyze comments with text, pictures, video, GIFs, links, stickers and emojis to identify vulgar, sexual, offensive, violent and brand specific harmful content and hide it. Time to introduce a new kind of activity that combines physical and mental engagement, fosters teamwork, and is inclusive to all. Set within a cubic room filled with interactive tiles, it invites friends and families to embark on a journey that blends physical tasks and puzzles, tailoring adventures in real-time to match the participants ages and abilities. If you are an Investor and would like to see detailed Information and Contact details of the founders, please activate your Subscription to our Premium service here. If you're a Startup seeking capital, feel free to submit your details for consideration at no cost here.

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This Premium Subscription option is part of Wolves' new initiative dedicated to connecting Startups with potential investors: WolvesMatch. Throughout the year, we'll showcase over 1,000 fresh companies, innovative ideas, and emerging startups in search of strategic partnerships and expansion capital. If you are an Investor and would like to see detailed Information and Contact details of the founders, please activate your Subscription to our Premium service here. WolvesMatch this week: This startup helps companies introduce electric vehicles in their car fleet and to manage them. With 250,000euro in revenue so far this year, the company is raising seed capital. When a company decides to switch fully or partially to EV, this startup helps it manage a fleet (both electric and tradition cars) and its charging infrastructure. This Lithuanian startup offers a cutting-edge platform designed to empower real estate owners and buyers preparing, selling, and purchasing properties at market prices directly.The platform facilitates direct interactions between buyers and sellers, eliminating the need for brokers and reducing costs. This startup, with 100,000euro revenue, is pioneering a solution for implementing artificial intelligence (AI) within the enterprise landscape. It addresses the fragmented, developer-dependent, and often disposable nature of AI projects by offering a unified, future-proof platform that seamlessly integrates with a multitude of AI models and vendors. A German AI/AR startup that aims to revolutionize the cleaning industry, saving 10-35% in ancilliary costs and drastically increase efficiency. Our cutting-edge software application revolutionizes how individuals manage their virtual and physical assets. We empower you to effortlessly manage your virtual assets on the Blockchain, including popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. Our AI-based text-to-interactive story automated content creation platform helps unfold the potential of all family members. By playing interactive stories about daily challenging situations, our platform trains parenting skills and helps users’ brains learn to react consciously in real life. B2C freemium model + B2B model. Already 10K users. The AI bit helps ceate content 16 times faster and 25 times cheaper than other content apps with a creative content team. We provide sourcing services to companies, which can have instant access to candidates whose effective cost per hire is 10, or even 100 times lower than the fee they receive. Thanks to AI, our model is fully automated. Although we are currently refining our solution in the Polish market, we are soon expanding to Western Europe and USA. We provide a comprehensive b2b software solution designed to support businesses of all sizes on their journey to carbon neutrality. In a 5-step process, we calculate, report, benchmark, reduce and offset the carbon footprint. We provide an AI coaching buddy to our customers to help them learn financial literacy for long-term sustainable finance. Our focus area is sustainable financial solutions. With revenues already at 1 million euro, this startup provides access to financial products on affordable terms for the unbanked and subprime borrowers in EU, Spain, UK and LatAm - and aims to increase their financial literacy. We specialize in biopolymer materials, making our packaging compostable. We implement the latest packaging technologies so our partners can reduce their environmental footprint. The main product that our company offers is a cost-reduction application for SME's based on AI and ML technologies. Ours is the first interface between the “black box” of AI and the “white box” of traditional Energy Management Systems, an affordable cost reduction application for SME's. Deep-tech working on the production of green hydrogen. Technology base on the proprietary electrolytic reactor able to operate without the requirement of preliminary desalination, like reverse osmosis, of water as a raw material . And powering the reactor with renewable energy sources will allow for the production of green hydrogen. SaaS (Software as a Service) Startup. Aims to revolutionize document management in the construction industry by providing a seamless, digital solution that enhances collaboration, transparency, and efficiency across all project phases. Vision: To become the leading platform for document management in the construction sector. SaaS software system automates the process of filling in applications for permits to use the airspace of another country for civilian aircraft that operate civi - international flights. Our app is a game-changer in the automotive industry. Imagine a world where scheduling car maintenance is as easy as ordering food delivery, where real-time updates on service progress give you peace of mind, and where finding trusted service providers and quality parts is a breeze. We specialize in AI-driven business automation and consulting. We develop tailored AI solutions to enhance operational efficiency and strategic outcomes in sectors like real estate, law, biotech, and lead generation. During years of its existence, the company created a line of products that is now used by big international companies, like MGM, Coca-Cola and Intel. Today our main product is almost unbreakable “Interactive Table” which is the only such a product in the world capable to work for years survive in public places including cafés, restaurants, airports and shopping Malls. The world’s first agri-camera designed for AI plant monitoring that uses plants as a primary data source to provide personalized agricultural insights. Using plants as a data source, we help farmers and agronomists identify and perform all agricultural operations timely by real-time AI-driven plant monitoring. Platform that enables companies to easily and efficiently develop, implement and offer customised software solutions for the use of machine, meeter and sensor data. No-code tools and a modular structure serve as a solid basis for the development of innovative solutions and products. Reliable Private 5G to industries, mission-critical and telcos using own Liquid RAN technology (11 patents) which saves expensive spectrum and computing resources. 2023 revenue of more than $1M has proven a product-market fit. AI-powered iOS life coach app that acts like a real person analyzing users' life 24/7 and proactively reaching them in case of troubles. Dynamic PRM (Partner Relationship Management) platform designed with the IT industry in mind! Picture a tool that adapts seamlessly to your unique business needs –modular approach allows you to select the features that fit you best without paying for anything that you will not need. Trademark portfolio management service. Solving the main problems of law firms and the legal departments of companies in managing brands worldwide. Revolutionizing shopping with a Virtual Fitting Room, merging 3D and AI for accurate, personalized online and in-store try-ons. Addressing the industry’s high return rates due to size and fitting issues, solution enhances customer satisfaction and reduces environmental impact. Supported by €400K from EU innovation funds. Helping companies to launch and operate employee stock option plans with revolutionary SaaS platform, offering automated tools for swift plan creation, hassle-free maintenance, and easy adjustments, all while saving on legal fees. Revolutionizing the mobile gaming and digital advertising industries by addressing the pervasive issue of intrusive ads in games. Founded by a team of seasoned entrepreneurs and professionals, poised to make a substantial impact on the $116 billion mobile games market and beyond. Developing new way of Parking and creating more free spots for people to Park with concept of AIRBNB for Parkings. AI Math Tutor for 1.1 billion kids aged 10-18. Ffirst app that kids can use to get feedback to their written math on paper. Analyzes their math line by line - if there's a mistake, it can guide them to a solution (or provide it). B2C mobile app with free and paid plans ($3-30/mo). SaaS marketplace platform that connects green energy generators with consumers to sign long-term contracts for the purchase of green energy - PPA / cPPA. It provides analytical tools and facilitates the selection of offers according to criteria, reduces negotiation time and facilitates the management of signed contracts. Project of an innovative SaaS educational platform that leverages AI to streamline and personalize the learning process for digital skills. The cornerstone feature of this startup service is a dynamic visual prompt that appears on the user's screen. It is minimizing teaching downtime, fostering independence, and maximizing the efficiency of the educational process. Service that in the near future will provide a safe space for employers and employees. It will make new communication channel, feedback platform, organizer, and much more. All this in a simple, UI-friendly app. AI B2B SaaS designed for corporations in order to increase their retention. It increases retention primarily in corporations within telco, banking and insurance industries. Ideal customer persona is a corporation with 10k employees which employees have some daily work to do on a PC/laptop/Mobile. Startup that addresses the need for information before investing in solar energy. Through AI-powered mobile app, users receive location-specific data, empowering them to make informed decisions and accelerate the transition to green power. Impact startup in digital health. Developing a digital newborn and infant simulator for mobile devices, to help future parents prepare better for their new and demanding role. Parents-to-be increasingly often feel unprepared for what is gonna happen. As a result, childbirth and early parenthood deliver acute stress. Animated 'baby manual'; in the form of a handy guide will be included, as well as double-player mode to practice parental co-operation. Advanced unmanned systems tailored for air, sea, and land applications. Company is fueled by a relentless pursuit of excellence and a commitment to pushing the boundaries of technological advancement. With a team of highly skilled professionals and a culture of innovation, it strives to harness the ever-evolving landscape of technology to create groundbreaking solutions that not only meet but exceed the demands of the future. Cloud-based online platform designed to streamline and oversee the entire delivery process for businesses. Comprehensive solution includes a user-friendly dashboard for businesses to generate and monitor orders, set delivery rates, track customer interactions, and manage cash transactions. Couriers benefit from a dedicated mobile app, empowering them to accept and manage orders, track earnings, and access valuable statistics. API integration seamlessly connects eCommerce platforms with couriers, automating order sharing and optimizing efficiency and cost-effectiveness. B2B software as a service solution (SaaS) platform designed to revolutionize event management by ensuringa seamless and engaging experience for both organizers and attendees. Sophisticated and targeted online marketing via Google ads and social campaigns are key components to achieving revenue growth, traction and market awareness. Startup that provides payment and identification services based on the palm scanning. Wellness app that helps people manage their health without promoting eating disorders. It understands the user's starting point and slowly guides them from there to their best, healthiest version of themselves. Company based in Kyiv, Ukraine. Producer of process monitoring systems - flue gas of metallurgical, petrochemical and other processes. They’ve developed a system for dust monitoring of explosive wet gases. Place-sharing service that provides short-term access to smart spaces for work, learning, meetings, and relaxation on demand. Users can book in public places through the qoob mobile app to access private, comfortable, and quiet workspaces at their convenience. AI-powered decision intelligence software for enterprises. It focuses on an AI algorithm which pinpoints individual consumers' drivers by analyzing company data. The user can then create a digital twin of the market and run simulations like product launches, budget optimizers and what-if scenarios which might have never historically occured. The world ́ first solar-powered family vehicle with full autonomy. Once the solar panels are deployed, the van transforms into a completely self-sufficient home on wheels, requiring no external power sources. Made of eco materials. Highly efficient and lightweight aerospace-grade carbon fibre has been replaced by linen fabric, which is equal in quality but superior to carbon insustainability. This company allows regular social media users to monetize their accounts by getting discounts and deals from local businesses in exchange for promotion on Instagram. Comprehensive platform that addresses the multifaceted needs of pet owners Core values: Complete - holistic approach to pet care, integrating multiple facets of pet parenting into one seamless experience. Challenge - reimagining what it means to offer comfortable and convenient pet care solutions. Convenience - simplifies pet care, enabling owners to focus on the joy of their relationships with their pets. Affordable, rapid testing that allows women to differentiate between fungal and bacterial vaginal infections from the comfort of their homes. It offers a unique solution tailored to the needs of women in emerging markets, where access to convenient and accurate vaginal health testing is currently limited. Innovative mobile application revolutionizing the way individuals and businesses exchange contact information and network. Leveraging Near Field Communication (NFC) technology, offers a seamless and intuitive solution for users to exchange phone numbers, email addresses, social media profiles, and more with a simple tap of their smartphones. Event app includes in-app networking and live event schedules, allowing you to collect and analyze demographic and behavioral data of participants. Gain attendee insights like sponsor booth engagement, attendee event goals, attendee demographics (marketers vs. programmers), website visits and program attendance. Next generation investment platform which seeks to drive investor engagement by offering crowd-owning of aspirational real estate that delivers attractive potential returns. If you are an Investor and would like to see detailed Information and Contact details of the founders, please activate your Subscription to our Premium service here. If you're a Startup seeking capital, feel free to submit your details for consideration at no cost here.

Estonia’s Salesforge raises €467K in pre-seed funding to be an AI copilot for B2B sales execution

Tallinn-based Salesforge, a developer of an all-in-one sales execution app has secured $500K (approximately €467K) in a pre-seed round from, Spring Capital, Fiedler Capital, and super angel Maciej Zawadzinski. The recent funding round will support Salesforge’s growth and expansion, enabling the company to unlock new channels and autonomous capabilities. Salesforge is an all-in-one sales execution application that serves as an AI co-pilot and will soon be able to function as an autopilot.