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Everything you need to know about Investing in a Startup

For some, a startup is tricky and risky, for others, it’s their bread and butter. Do you know everything you need to before you start investing in them?

According to business people all around the world, the term ‘startup’ is hard to define. Typically, the founders of this newly emerged, fast-growing company share a common vision. Forming a cohesive group of outstanding talents, at some point they decide to develop a viable product, service, process or platform with the aim of gradually filling a gap in the target market. Despite operating under conditions of uncertainty, they remain growth-oriented and utterly determined.


Startups are established to push boundaries, identify complex problems and arrive at creative solutions. Being frequently compared to inventors, they rely heavily on technology and innovation when offering their services. However, to help make the contemporary world a better place, startups try to attract investors willing to provide long-term financial support. Fortunately, venture capitalists, angel investors and crowdfunding platforms make a significant contribution to their rapid growth.

Undoubtedly, before putting one’s capital into revolutionary projects, it is worth doing extensive research on startups. But what exactly should be taken into consideration?


Startup Types

The market is saturated with a great number of startup businesses, as a result of which investors find the selection process somewhat overwhelming. Therefore, it may be an idea to get acquainted with the types of startups established most frequently.

  • Big business startups known for launching entirely new products that are widely popularized; e.g. the App Store
  • Social startups formed to make a difference, allowing the world to evolve; e.g. GlobalGiving
  • Buyable startups established with the intention of being acquired by a large, highly profitable company, e.g. Instagram
  • Scalable startups offering groundbreaking solutions and developing tremendously over a short period of time; e.g. Zynga
  • Small- and medium-sized enterprise startups created with the aim of selling actual products; e.g. Inkshares

Potential Benefit

Startups with their well-qualified specialists appear as an answer helping bridge the gap between the academic and business world. It’s no secret that investors supporting newly founded companies expect tangible results and benefits. 

Among other things, investment in a startup will give you an opportunity to:

  • diversify your portfolio
  • offer new jobs
  • stimulate growth
  • build a successful strategy
  • stay up-to-date
  • develop business relationships
  • beat off competition


  • Become familiar with the company’s general profile and gaining a proper understanding of its intellectual activity
  • Carry out an in-depth competitor analysis and review of the available information about chief rivals 
  • Understand the target market, at the same time specifying the percentage you would like to monopolize 
  • Get acquainted with the expectations held by founders and employees and check the chemistry on the team
  • Learn more about the company anatomy and business strategy 



It is common practice for investors to show interest in a startup before investigating how it works and what potential problems may occur when establishing close co-operation. Obviously, a great majority of newly developed companies start with formulating their business strategy and completing all formalities. However, when considering investing a substantial sum in an innovative project, onse i advised to do a double-check of:

  • legal documents
  • accounting documents
  • business plan

Risk assessment

Interestingly, through the identification of events that may have a disastrous impact on the newly established company, one is able to encourage its dynamic development. Therefore, it is essential for investors to be well aware of the most common errors made when assessing potential risks. These include:

  • being too general
  • overcomplicating
  • focusing on numbers only
  • failing in being meticulous
  • constructing a worst-case scenario


Finding the right startups and establishing valuable contacts is key to business growth. Also, investors should keep in mind that it is networking that gives them unlimited access to relevant information and industry knowledge. That is why in order to reach a dominant market position, one is advised to build purposeful relationships.


How to enter into new partnerships?

  • attend international business conferences
  • connect globally via the Internet
  • use business social media


Startup investing is a complex process requiring considerable effort. Only if both investors and founders share a common vision, is the newly developed company able to become a lucrative business. When having achieved a high level of understanding and required expertise, the startup team has the potential to change the world. 

Planning to invest in a startup?


Check out an e-book about it. Learn everything you need to know before you start investing and partnering with startups and avoid making costly mistakes!

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WolvesMatchthis week presents: Innovative SaaS payment and tokenization solution that connects traditional financial systems with modern technologies, empowering financial companies and banks to unlock new business models, offer next-gen customer experiences, and operate more efficiently with instant transactions and better asset liquidity. Startup developing a digital passport system for ESG data, supported by blockchain technology. Their solution integrates ERP and CRM systems, using a proprietary solution to automate the processes of collecting and processing non-financial data, which is a key value for SMEs in the manufacturing industry in the context of EU legislative changes. AI-powered software for rapid and accurate video and document translation, subtitling, and dubbing with ARR of 4M euros. AI-powered personal stylist that offers recommendations to help you look and feel your best, surpassing 3M euro of revenue in past 12 months. Machine translation for business based on AI. This technology can translate millions of text blocks, webpages, files, audio, and in 100 languages for 1 day for just $100 with best-in-class translation quality and total security. ARR of 1M euros. Innovative employee benefit, enabling employees to withdraw part of their earned salary during the month, when they need it. The funds paid out are then automatically settled against the employee's future salary using plugin in payrolls systems. It also provides a legal and financial benefits where employees can get advice on these topics from experts. Revenue from last 12 months is over 500k USD This startup helps B2B SaaS sales teams with smart deal selection and insights for deal closure. A device that combats bee parasite and diagnoses the degree of infection with ultrasounds. Regular prevention of bees from the varroa parasite (which can kill entire bee familes) is a huge, global challenge for beekeepers. This is the first ecological, safe and effective method. It lasts for 10 years and can serve up to 3 hives. Real estate and rental management company based in Warsaw, specializing in the swift and convenient rental of flats, apartments, and houses. Advanced digital pricelist for hotels, restaurants, caffe bars, clubs... Multilingual with features like call waiter, POS, ordering, room orders, dine in, take out, credit card payments, vouchers, loyalty system, delivery, AI WhatsApp support. Autonomous sea cleaning, pollution monitoring, and research vessels, with their flagship vessel with an autonomy level of 5. Leveraging cameras and autonomous radar/LIDAR sensors, it detects and reports waste on the sea surface. The vessel's carbon emissions are significantly lower than traditional methods, making it an eco-friendly solution. ARR close to 3M euros. Digital platform that leverages gaming, data, and interactive dialogues to deliver personalized diagnosis and care support. They operate on a B2B SaaS model for care providers, offering financial incentives through reimbursement bills for remote therapeutic monitoring. This startup introduces an innovative platform for detecting Generative AI Content, offering a blend of efficiency and sustainability. Instead of relying on resource-intensive Deep Learning models, they employ mathematical hypotheses that effectively distinguish between AI-generated and human-authored content. Currently raising 3M $ in pre-seed round. Reagents allow the introduction of various types of macromolecules (from polymers and proteins to DNA molecules) into mammalian cells. This product works by disintegrating intracellular vesicles under osmotic shock. During disintegration, the probes inside the vesicles are released into the cell. Mobile app for holistic facial skincare. They help to provide skincare with AR and AI, users can follow skincare procedures at home (massage and facial fitness), as well as pick up cosmetics and learn about proper skincare routine. Revolutionary platform designed to empower drinks producers by facilitating direct market entry worldwide, eliminating the dependency on importers or distributors. Through this platform producers sell to both B2B and retail customers thus maximising the revenue they can generate from their brands. Currently raising 350k euros in pre-seed round. AI-powered platform offering users the ability to create a digital clone of themselves, including their thoughts, their voice and appearance with a lifelike 3D avatar. It allows creating private and public clones in 7 different languages. For AI chatbots and virtual assistants alone by 2025 the market size prediction is $50B. Providing food trucks with a web app that digitalizes queues. Customers can order food through the app, and it can monitor the entire ordering process. This allows us to predict the amount of food that a food truck needs to purchase before an event, which reduces food waste. BlaBlaCar for packages, offering a revolutionary peer-to-peer delivery platform as a mobile app to disrupt the package delivery industry. Solution for people on-the-go who are in need of a quick recharge for their mobile devices. With this service, users can easily rent a powerbank from one of our conveniently located charging stations and return it anywhere once they're finished using it. Currently raising 300k euros. Pioneering AI-driven Cyber-Security Assistant that enables enterprise-level security for companies of all sizes by making it simple and affordable. B2B SaaS insurance comparator and conclusion software for insurance distributors. Insurance distributors use this SaaS instead of building API connections to all insurers on the market. Revenue from last year surpassed 200k euros. Innovative drink startup set to introduce in the EU market the most successful RTD Party Drinks that are booming in the US. Focusing on strategic key geo-locations where the demand is high and the competition is absent. Platform for scheduling and managing online appointments, the first of its kind in Kosovo. Exposure to a wide network of salons provides users with multiple choices. Game that will change the way young people perceive city management. It combines elements of strategy, creativity and interaction, offering a unique experience for both players and educators .This board game is based on the concept of city management, where players make decisions as city residents, and bear bureaucrats introduce additional challenges and throw obstacles in the way of players. Democratizing the high-tech revolution in pest control. This solution consists of smart devices, an AI platform and applications, and solves most burning problems, which are:- for pest control companies: too large a share of wages in revenue, shortage of technicians and high cost of quality supervision,- for cities: inability to get rid of rats, inability to obtain reliable data on the rodent situation, inability to measure the results of rodent control. ARR of 250K $. 3D model of your room with AI, fill it with real furniture and decorations (from local suppliers) to your choice and buy everything you have chosen in one click. Gave possibility for furniture producers make own virtual shop close to the customers flat. Innovative support system designed to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of medical care staff in hospitals, nursing homes, and home-based care settings. It leverages cutting-edge AI Vision technology to continuously monitor patient safety and health by tracking sleep patterns and daily activities. Revenue in last 12 months is over 200K euros. AI-Enabled, On-Demand, Independent Consulting : It combines AI, new ways of working and collective intelligence to address complex clients issues. Marketing penknife platform for agency's and small business owners. They help to create, store and analysis ad insights and competitors. SaaS platform to match expert and client where the last one can assemble a set of mental health services, and the expert can easily find new clients. The project is designed to easily lead client to herapy through a quick individual ML based selection of the necessary help. Looking for 250k euros in pre-seed round. Cutting-edge platform designed to empower real estate owners and buyers. This platform facilitates direct interactions between buyers and sellers, eliminating the need for brokers and reducing costs. Group of activists and specialists in sustainability and ecology. They specialize in biopolymer materials, making our packaging compostable. Trying can replace plastic with greener alternatives. Modern workshop jewelry design and repair using the highest quality materials and modern techniques, they create unique rings, necklaces, earrings and bracelets that impress with their beauty and elegance. First marketing platform that provides companies with top specialists based on their project requirements such as: budget, industry, specialisation, timeline. Currently raising 500k euros. Comprehensive services include fulfillment, incentive consultancy, storage, logistics, and e-commerce integrations, all designed to enhance sales within the European market. From the initial decision-making processes through to the customer’s receipt of the product and return automation, our expert team is committed to helping deliver your products efficiently and cost-effectively across Europe. Diverse team of software engineers, scientists, strategists, and designers that are working with the single-minded mission of breaking down barriers of geography and personality. Safe space where anyone can find their tribe and have a real conversation. It's virtual, but the bonds you'd make here are very much real. Space for building and shaping a professional career. It is intended to increase employment efficiency (reduce churn) and shorten recruitment time (candidate matching). AI-driven platform designed to simplify the EU funding process for SMEs. Unique solution that automates the search and application process for EU grants, making it more accessible and manageable for small and medium-sized businesses. This startup redefines business trust with the power of AI-driven transparency. It empowers companies to evaluate partnerships, showcase compliance, and secure a competitive edge. Hybrid Engine Surveillance Drones with 5-hour flight endurance and Heavy Lift Drones with a 70 kg capacity, redefining the standards for unmanned aerial solutions. Elevate your operations with our unwavering commitment to innovation and precision engineering. ARR of 100K euros. Recruiting and outsourcing companies that send fully vetted candidates in less than 48 hours, always within budget and for much less than the industry standard. Revenue in last 12 months exceeded 250K $. Fire protection agent, an advanced formula is now in, the only organic agent that extinguishes all types of fires from A to B + Lithium batteries. Leading global cloud solution provider. As a born-in-the-cloud partner focused entirely on AWS, this is a one-stop shop for cloud solutions, including Cloud consulting, Cloud migration, Big Data and Analytics and more. ARR of 12M $. Easiest and foremost global lending system, making it easy to obtain loan for people and companies. This platform will combine all lenders in the world with their potential clients with just one click. Clinically proven software technology for accurate measurement of Blood Pressure, Heart Rate, Breathing Rate and other vital-signs through 60s face-scan only with a smartphone or computer. Currently raising 2M euros. Trusted partner for businesses seeking innovative, high-quality software solutions. Their commitment to building a positive culture, fostering strong relationships, and delivering exceptional results sets us apart from the rest. Over 150K $ of revenue this year alone. SaaS solution to operate EV chargers, with payment collection, load balancing, providing demand, flexibility and more. A payment solution for clients, agencies, and freelancers in the service industry. They offer industry-grade contracts where transactions are split into incremental and upfront instalments, all backed by the Web3 Escrow engine(safe vault). Innovative mobile application designed to revolutionize accessibility for visually impaired and blind individuals. It empowers users by providing real-time audio descriptions of their surroundings, enabling them to navigate independently. By leveraging cutting-edge AI and machine learning technologies, it identifies objects, reads text, and describes environments, enhancing users' quality of life and fostering inclusivity. If you are an Investor and would like to see detailed Information and Contact details of the founders, please activate your Subscription to our Premium service here. If you're a Startup seeking capital, feel free to submit your details for consideration at no cost here.

Investment Insights: 50 High-Growth Startups Ready for Funding

WolvesMatchthis week presents: From Ukraine, new online service and a single digital workspace for managing key processes of SMEs with a focus on results. It's communication, collaboration and sales. B2B oriented, with ARR of 130K EUR. Cutting-edge enterprise software for creating and deploying self-executing contracts and legal documents. UK based, it is meticulously crafted for build-to-let developers and businesses managing expansive property portfolios, where such automation can dramatically reduce costs. Estonian startup that revolutionises long term care: 13.5m new caregivers are needed by 2040 in OECD countries, and their AI driven solution will help to solve it. Aiming to transform long term care and home care, and the care sector, and then with the help of AI plan to hire and train 6m new care givers. Close more deals with ROI-focused lead acquisition: this Ukrainian company combines a result-oriented approach and industry-proven expertise to help you build a consistent and predictable sales channel. Transform and grow your wholesale business streamlining your sales process and eliminating manual workflows is just one click away. This B2B startup based in Poland is building donation distribution marketplace with local charities on supply side, and businesses checkouts on demand. 5K EUR of ARR so far. Company that provides an AI-driven platform tailored for optimizing recruitment processes. Their AI assistant, BOE, helps streamline hiring by integrating seamlessly with existing ATS systems. Currently raising 1M EUR at pre-seed round. This Estonian startup digitizes waste management processes by leveraging the power of AI in the form of a waste analytics platform, to help propel organizations towards a circular economy. Looking for 500K EUR of investment. Combating textile waste in the fashion industry by offering brands a complete solution for unwanted clothes. They repair, upcycle, wash and clean returned garments, giving them a second life and reducing landfill waste. For unusable textiles, it creates its own sustainable clothing line and resells repaired items through a collaborative e-commerce platform. Cooperating with brands to make fashion more sustainable and profitable. ARR of 60K EUR. Dutch startup with the ambition to change the landscape of non invasive heart diagnostics. Software based solutions support physicians in 12 lead Electrocardiogram interpretation. Main product makes ECG interpretation better (from 55% to 90% average accuracy in OK vs not OK distinction), easier and faster. The founders team combines over 60 years of experience in computerized cardiac modelling and diagnostics. Polish startup that creates the media mix of gaming. Bringing brands into it in the most native and human way - through creators. Their first vertical is gaming live-streaming by streamlining the collaboration of over 130 000 streamers and 170 brands (inc. Netflix, Samsung, Xbox, Disney, Porsche) in 12 markets. ARR of almost 2M EUR this year. German company that gets people going on their financial goals. Sending users daily money mindfulness activities for four weeks that motivate them to take action on their financial goals. Their daily activities are convenient, self-directed, and tailored with AI. Groundbreaking eco-friendly AC system that consumes up to 90% less electricity than traditional models. Patented plug-and-play device eliminates the need for an outdoor unit, offering an affordable, sustainable cooling solution. Now raising 200K in pre-seed round. Company developing new technologies using the agroecological approach to provide plants with nutrition and protection to reduce the use of agrochemicals in agricultural production and encourage the production of functional, healthy and quality food. The company uses a combination of innovative, cutting-edge, high-quality and high efficiency technologies in the process of preparing agro-ecological plant protection and nutrition formulas, and transferring knowledge and technology to other companies engaged in the same field. Startup from Georgia unlock financial inclusion with a simple mobile-first digital tool which helps microenterprises issue invoices, record expenses, track inventory and do much more from their phone. The data from the app is fed into AI/ML tools to give supplemental data for risk scoring for businesses in the Global South. SaaS is an 'über-ERP' an AI powered simulation & analysis value chain optimization service for B2B businesses. Currently seeking for 1M EUR in seed round. Company that repurpose hazardous waste, which no one recycles, into the most ecological building material, fully recyclable with zero emission production and zero water consumption. Tring to aim market worth over 100B EUR worldwide. Platform for marketing specialists to raise conversion from customers' unconscious emotion AI. Over 25K EUR of revenue this year. This German startup harnesses cutting-edge AI technology to create virtual friends, offering users personalized and interactive companionship. AI-powered avatars are capable of holding conversations, learning preferences, and adapting to user interactions, providing a unique blend of entertainment, support, and social connection. This innovative solution not only addresses the increasing demand for digital interaction but also taps into markets ranging from mental health support to customer service. Polish AI-based autonomous POD powered by computer vision, that enables quick and convenient shopping in locations with limited space and high flow of people. This product aims to make this possible outdoors and across various sports disciplines. Their goal is to achieve a sports reform that transforms the relationship between competitive athletes and coaches. They intend to accomplish this by developing a sports garment capable of capturing, analyzing, and evaluating the entire body’s movement culture. Bringing research to life for inclusive education. Their aim is to help people with learning difficulties easily comprehend complex research papers by translating them into fun and engaging visuals using the power of AI. Provider of comprehensive project services and resources. Startup that handle everything from start to finish, including planning (PM), UI/UX design, development and testing. No matter what industry you're in, they'll make sure our solutions meet your needs. Instant safety solution: with crime rates rising and emergency response times falling short, they’re the answer to your safety concerns. App that provides instant access to trained professionals, real-time monitoring, and swift response in any emergency. 20K EUR of revenue this year alone. User-friendly app, likened to Uber for its quick booking process, allowing pet owners to easily secure a pet sitter. Emulating a Tinder-style approach, it ensures smooth matching between pet owners and sitters for efficient connection and arrangement of services. The platform emphasizes community through a verification system where pet sitters are ranked and reviewed by users. ARR of 10K EUR this year. Fintech startup providing lending for businesses in a digital way. Client can apply and get money fully online. The business and credit model is proved as they’ve reached break even and generate 60K EUR of MRR. Ready to scale the business. This startup from Latvia develops alcohol-free wine powder and tables, that provide the whole spectrum of wine health benefits, proven in pre-clinical and clinical trials, coupled with a pleasant wine-like taste, when dissolved in water. Delivering innovative packaging into logistic industry as sustainable alternative to current single use carton packages: package filling solutions like: paper, foam, plastic bubbles or molded fiber. The company is offering returnable, reusable, modular secondary pack solution for e-commerce industry (B2C) that can be as well used beyond pure e-commerce i.e. within company internal logistic chain (B2B). Technology startup specializing in advanced aquaponic systems that integrate IoT and AI to streamline plant and fish production globally. Looking for 750K EUR of investment. Solution for vocal coaches and their students (singers). The vocal coaches problem is that singers do not practice or practice in a wrong way between singing lessons which slows down the progress and can be damaging to their voice. This is a virtual assistant for vocal coaches that helps their students practice properly and regularly between singing lessons and gives vocal coaches a full insight into how their students have been practicing. Digital platform from Greece that connects students and young individuals with flexible job opportunities, providing a convenient and efficient way for employers to find temporary workers. Through user-friendly website and in-app chat functionality, they aims to streamline the process of matching job seekers with employers, creating a win-win situation for both parties Leading AI-driven automation which helps reduce complexity and costs by 80%. At pre- seed round their looking for 450K EUR of investment. This company addresses the critical issue of security in Web 3.0 by deploying a network of AI agents that identify and counter vulnerabilities. They help auditors, audit firms, Blockchain developers and protocols to simplify and accelerate the entire auditing process. Polish company that designs and produce the bricks from beech wood. They are first wooden bricks, compatible with LEGO standard. Their priorities are safety and children’s enjoyment of a natural, aesthetic and creative toy. ARR of 10K EUR. New social media platform (Mobile & Web application) designed with the primary purpose of presenting successful, inspiring stories. Users can upload brief videos highlighting their achievements, share motivational content, and document their personal journeys towards success. Polish startup working on a robot to perform service work on wind turbines without the need to use climbers and cranes. The robot will also be the only one in the world that will be able to carry out fire-fighting and rescue operations. Additionally, they are implementing an agro pv project together with the Tauron group. 250K EUR of revenue from last year. New way for young adults to implement change into their life. Practically, cost-friendly and reliably. Startup that creates practice workbooks regarding soft skills in early adulthood. An air purifying cover for baby strollers that guarantees safe and healthy walks for children up to 3yo. The cover is compatible with the most popular models of earlier and later prams. Automatic planner of waste collection schedules and routes that makes the work of dispatchers and drivers easier, reduces costs and protects the environment from excessive fuel consumption. Over 30K EUR of revenu from past 12 months Comprehensive supply chain management platform for the apparel and textile industry through SaaS. It includes features such as mapping complete supply chains, assessing and selecting suppliers based on sustainable development indicators, certifications, carbon footprint calculations, and product tracking and authentication. System that automatically plans routes for your fleet, facilitates the work of dispatchers and drivers, reduces your costs and protects the environment against excessive fuel consumption. ARR of 30K EUR. Swedish SaaS screening solution that is designed to detect digital biomarkers associated with early signs of dementia by analysing facial features utilising computer vision and machine learning. This innovative screening tool offers a non-invasive, objective, and universally accessible method for early-stage dementia detection. With our remote mass screening solution, we aim to provide quality access to dementia screening and maximise the likelihood of positive outcomes for all individuals. Through our initiatives, we strive to increase awareness, eliminate the stigma and reduce the burden posed on healthcare systems, social services, and economies worldwide. Seeking for 500K EUR of investment in pre-seed round. Cybersecurity for business managers who need to quickly set up an effective IT security management process. With r unique technology, emphasizing threat exposure quantification over generic risk scoring metrics, this platform provides a 360° view that clearly sets the direction for necessary corrective actions. Simplifying the complex, our tools are designed for usability, primarily for for non-IT personnel, leading to a 75% adoption rate among C-level management. Almost 200K EUR of revenue in past year. AI-driven solution designed to optimize recruitment tasks. Their AI assistant, BOE, efficiently collaborates with current ATS systems to streamline the hiring process. Looking for 500K EUR of investment. All-in-one solution that connects entrepreneurs, universities, and students in one seamless ecosystem. Fintech payment services, allows merchants to activate payments on social media, messengers and websites. This solution activates payments for SMBs without coding skills using plugins, selling links, express checkout widget and integration with a website, social networks, ads, messengers. ARR of 300K EUR. AI Agents to spin off your company in minutes at a fraction of the current costs. They provide a personal team of AI assistants capable of helping you with all your business activities. Based in Amsterdam, this startup is revolutionizing the microfabrication industry by breaking down barriers currently preventing the mass production of complex microstructures. They’ve developed a novel microfabrication method in which a 3D structure is built using one million light beams, controlled by a proprietary computer algorithm. Clinical-stage biotech spin-off company from the largest Health Sciences University in the Baltic states. Team of medicines developers, regulatory experts, biotechnologists, and physicians have been trusted with €2 MM of non-dilutive public funding to develop a proprietary, GMP–grade, stromal cell bioreactor platform. They are advancing our lead program for patients sustaining acute kidney injury following cardiac surgery. Next generation of motion capture. No more restricting and weird-looking mocap suits, no more green screens, no more controllers. Their system uses AI for telemetry and programming for generating animations and operation/service etc. This solutions can be used in multiple ways e.g.:- v affordable and v convenient alternative to current mocap systems, applications to support various sports disciplines (e.g. virtual coach correcting the technique of selected activities, a system supporting the physical development/well-being of youth)- providing sports broadcast/coverage in VR and many more. Closed last year with almost 800K EUR of revenue. If you are an Investor and would like to see detailed Information and Contact details of the founders, please activate your Subscription to our Premium service here. If you're a Startup seeking capital, feel free to submit your details for consideration at no cost here.

Growth Opportunities: Top 50 Startups and ScaleUps Looking for Investors

WolvesMatchthis week presents: Introducing a new kind of activity that combines physical and mental engagement, fosters teamwork, and is inclusive to all. Set within a cubic room filled with interactive tiles, it invites friends and families to embark on a journey that blends physical tasks and puzzles, tailoring adventures in real-time to match the participants' ages and abilities. First platform for personalized and holistic women's health. Software that creates a tailored health journey for every women and empowers her to master their health through access to expert knowledge. Company that develops the technological infrastructure needed to produce and provide tailored prosthetics to 90% of the world's physically disabled people. Interior design intelligence for furnishing and space decoration. Original biopharmaceutical company headquartered in Budapest, Hungary. It leverages its unique AI-powered drug discovery platform to create cures for diseases through novel mechanisms of action that conventional biopharmaceutical approaches cannot. AI-driven cloud cost optimisation for automatic cloud routing. Helsinki based modular housing producer. Using innovative CLT(CROSS LAMINATED TIMBER). Their mission is to build eco houses and to lower the CO2 emissions, thanks to wooden materials. Logic-driven AI-powered framework to streamline non-biased customer discovery and validation —10x faster. Tech startup backed by innovators, tackles environmental challenges by digitizing municipal economies. Key products include facilitating on-demand municipal services, and SaaS optimizing logistics and financial operations for waste management entities. With a focus on smart city solutions, they leverage technology for route optimization, carbon footprint reduction, and increased operational transparency through blockchain integration. Revolutionizing spatial planning with holistic evaluations by making use of algorithmic liveability scorings. Telemedicine platform that also serves as an artificial intelligence (AI) assistant supporting physicians in the diagnostic process. This solution integrates a range of modern technologies, such as 3D models that enhance the precision of presenting pain points, and advanced algorithms that support physicians in real time at every stage of the visit. The one-stop shop service for managing trademark portfolios worldwide. Company that specializes in the production of innovative harvesting systems for novel agricultural biomass in the form of corn cob cores, its processing for the production of biochar and energy. The company also deals with the commercialization of innovative biomass micronization technology enabling the full replacement of coal dust and gas. The company's latest service is the facilitation of biomass contracting through its own marketplace, which, thanks to the possibility of buying and selling biomass within its framework, has in-depth knowledge of this market and its principles and trends. Solution for recruitment and HR processes. It will conduct real-time interviews while engaging in natural conversations with candidates and evaluating them. Also serve as the perfect assistant, capable of completing tasks like scheduling calls with candidates, sending emails, and generating reports all via voice or written commands. An automated tool with endless capacity. Platform that enables easy data and information exchange anonymously between different development agencies, allowing for quick and accurate matching of needs and available programmer resources. This platform is an effective solution for development agencies seeking collaboration with other companies in the technology industry. Solution that enables filmmakers, graphic designers and animators to create their content fully in the cloud. Their users can do all of their editing, designs and animations from any place around the globe and on any personal device, even smartphones. All-in-one solution that connects entrepreneurs, universities, and students in one seamless ecosystem. Platform that elevates schools to the next level. It offers online real-time engaging teaching. It enables the creation of a lesson or an entire course with just one click using AI. It hosts the first interactive materials database which will be created by users. Additionally, it automates homework assignments and grades, and provides statistics collected during class lessons, such as teacher-student speaking time, student progress, and engagement. Moreover, it collects significantly more statistics than traditional LMS available in the market. A company that develops two devices for pulmonary rehabilitation: the system for home pulmonary physiotherapy that gamifies therapy with the simplest respiratory trainer using an AR mobile application, and the advanced mechatronic system for use in hospitals and remote therapy that automates resistance exercising. Cutting-edge virtual reality technologies to provide immersive and engaging therapy and educational experiences. Platform that serves schools, medical facilities, and direct consumers, catering to a wide range of neurological and psychological conditions. By combining intuitive VR applications with robust analytics and a user-friendly mobile interface, it simplifies the therapy process, making therapeutic exercises both accessible and effective at home or in professional settings. Software platform that facilitates safe and secure updates of industrial IoT devices using applied cryptography. The problem they’ve identified and are addressing is that the number of IoT devices worldwide is growing, but their quality in terms of security leaves much to be desired. Attacks on those devices pose an increasing global threat that we want to mitigate. Based in Warsaw, Poland, pioneers sustainable nanotechnology solutions, transforming food preservation and air quality management. Patented photocatalytic nanomaterials use light to activate a chemical process that eliminates harmful airborne agents like mold, ethylene, viruses, bacteria and smog, without producing toxic by-products. This eco-friendly technology extends the shelf life of perishables during transport and storage, significantly reduces food waste, and enhances food safety in vertical farming and food processing sectors. Tech and consulting company dedicated to the optimization of group discussions. Their mission is to enhance the quality of discourse and decision-making in both the public sphere and the business world. They have integrated the best of human insight, collaborative thinking, and AI to facilitate discussions and decisions of the highest quality. In a game-like environment, it gathers the most compelling arguments and counterarguments to ensure the right decisions are made. An affordable cost reduction application for SME's based on AI and ML technologies. The first interface between the «black box» of AI and the «white box» of traditional EMS. The internet after cookies - moves data storage, ad targeting, and personalization to user's devices putting users in control of their data and achieving conversion rates 10x the internet average. Developing a 3D printer that is capable of printing personalized and chronographic capsules for pharmaceutical use. Startup developing its own innovative software. Two products based on original AI algorithms: First one is a route planner for effective Last Mile Delivery. Second is for managing waste collection processes. Continuous pursuit of optimising and improving fleet scheduling goes hand in hand with growing ESG requirements. We are empowering individuals to fulfil their lives potential, through a new type of app that encompasses everything well-being. Proposing an approach to behavioural change through introspection on holistic well-being. An app designed for both life-strugglers and life achievers. Personalized AI platform for your company. Using your docs & data for faster work. It is a product that stores your company's knowledge (files, integrations, links) and allows you to create AI assistants with whom your employees and customers can chat (chatgpt like) getting information. Revolutionary clinical decision support and intelligent scribe system offered to doctors to help them with diagnosis, documentation and patient management. Their mission is to facilitate and automate the day-to-day work of hotel managers around the world, while at the same time striving to make the company's innovative systems standard in the hospitality industry, especially in facilities of the highest standard. They extend its availability to such facilities as Museums, Theatres and other facilities that care about the experiences of visitors. The entire system enables monitoring of quality, safety, cleanliness and experience in the facility. Using AI reduces the time required to analyze the data 10 times, and quality tests themselves are 3 times more accurate. Startup that enables doctors to create medical documentation 10x faster and provide them with tools that enable data analytics at the level of the whole population. Team of industry professionals with expertise in Real Estate, Architecture and Interior Design, Construction, and Finance with more than 50 years of combined experience in delivering projects internationally. They develop a new procurement method for Real Estate projects. Proof of Concepts in Singapore have demonstrated up to 28% savings for key Bill-of-Quantity (BOQ) items even when delivery costs and taxes are taken into consideration. Leveraging legal and contractual frameworks based on traditional procurement, this method applies to Design Bid & Build (DBB) and Design and Build projects as well. Startup that aims at development the most OPEX efficient Li-ion cell manufacturing process. Deep expertise in the Li-ion manufacturing helps them to develop innovative mechanical design of the cells, which are designed precisely for the niche applications. Remote health monitoring system that saves horses' lives and owners' money using technology and AI. AI-driven e-commerce hub: Integrates ERP and connects other services, utilizes multi- regional data, and delivers experience to customer. The most innovative parking solution. Embrace an innovative subterranean solution enabling swift and efficient parking without sacrificing valuable property space. Solution that replaces traditional resumes with a smart form that captures skills and potential. Participating companies can offer job seekers the choice: applying with a traditional CV or taking the alternative path. While applying for a job - choose alternative path and fill out our smart form once to effectively present your skills and goals, just the way recruiters love. Eliminate CV reworks and stress, enhance your success chances with applications auto-optimized for each job offer. Healthcare startup dedicated to revolutionizing neurodevelopmental therapy through innovative technologies and personalized care. It provides cutting-edge therapies and assessments for individuals impacted by neurodevelopmental disorders such as autism, ADHD, and dyslexia. Also they are creating an innovative assessment system for people with neurodevelopment disorders which create an individualized solution for them to reduce functional imbalance in cerebral cortex. An industrial IoT platform that helps Grocery Retail Chains to improve food safety and quality, reduce food waste and improve overall sustainability by collecting and analysing data from industrial assets that are used in grocery stores. New brand of electric enduro motorcycles created by a team of experienced engineers united by passion for motorization. The goal is to create products that will become synonymous with advanced technology and quality in the motorcycle world. Real-time agricultural equipment data management. Automation of procurement processes in the cosmetics industry. Fighting plastic pollution by creating food packaging made of natural leaves. Leading enterprise-grade Web 3.0 Data Management Platform provider in the Asia. It provides Digital Asset Infrastructure and solutions to help enterprises transform their business and create new business models through blockchain technology. Photo sharing social media platform. Game-changing measurement system for the booming radiotherapy market. With global demand soaring, their adaptable and mobile solution promises unparalleled precision at a competitive price. It redefines precision in radiotherapy with groundbreaking features: Define the isocenter with 0.1 mm precision for every angle of the gantry, treatment table, and collimator. Safely irradiate multiple small tumors near critical organs. Perform quick isocenter measurements without a service team, ideal for daily radiosurgery routines. Access, Secure and Share your car with a Smartphone app. No need to carry your car keys any more. With this car sharing platform, you have an end to end solution for all your car sharing needs, from car rental agreements, pre and post trip car images, keyless access, and security all in one platform. The project involves the creation of a marketplace that will enable easy and convenient ordering of peri-cemetery services. This platform will act as a central place for those seeking and purchasing services. The platform will act as an intermediary providing the technology and infrastructure for ordering grave care services. Payment will also be made through the platform, as well as a photo gallery of the services performed will be collected here. This startup serves both B2C and B2B markets. For individual clients, they offer mock technical interviews conducted by experienced software engineers, complete with detailed feedback reports. This service is designed to prepare candidates for real interviews, enhancing their skills and confidence. For businesses, they provide a database of pre-vetted programmers with proven technical proficiency. This resource streamlines the hiring process, saving companies time and money by ensuring they connect with only the most capable candidates. Throughout the year, we'll showcase over 1,000 fresh companies, innovative ideas, and emerging startups in search of strategic partnerships and expansion capital. If you are an Investor and would like to see detailed Information and Contact details of the founders, please activate your Subscription to our Premium service here. If you're a Startup seeking capital, feel free to submit your details for consideration at no cost here.