What do I get as main benefits?

Wolves Summit is focused on networking and 1:1 meetings. During the last edition we held 3072 1:1 meetings. As an investor you get access to:

  • - 350 selected startups investors data

  • - exclusive investors-only activities

  • - networking activities that allow you to share your experience and get to know startups, executives, and other investors

  • - Speed Dates - 15-minute meetings with startups of your choice

  • - precise Matchmaking Tool to set up meetings with startups, executives and other investors available for you before the conference starts - it helps to optimize your time during the Wolves Summit

  • - 2 days of conference including night events and a VIP Party


Startups from Europe and beyond (US, Canada, Australia, Israel etc.) come to the conference. They’re on different stages of development: growth or already generating revenue. They represent 9 industries.

What countries are present?

Conference is kept very international. In October 2016 – at the last edition of Wolves Summit – we had representatives from 47 countries. Startups and attendees mainly come from Europe.

What is the conference duration?

Conference is 2 days long. It starts on 28th March. It’s the day of semifinals of the Great Pitch competition, lectures and prescheduled 1:1 meetings. VIP Party and Networking Party are held in the evening.

What is the Great Pitch?

The Great Pitch is a pitching competition for 35 qualified startups and 7 scaleups.

Can I afford to miss it?

Definitely not. We put maximum effort to make every investor experience unique. That’s why we work very close with every investor, to ensure the highest quality.