Can one conference change your company's future?

If you have been following us for a while, you have probably noticed us saying that attending Wolves Summit will change the future of your company.  This is not just a slogan we chose to promote our conference - it is the thing we have been always striving for while organizing Wolves Summit. It brings us real joy to read about or listen to the success stories of people or companies that have joined Wolves Summit in the past.   This is one of those stories. 

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How to make the most out of Wolves Summit

  One of the ways to reach your business goals, whether you need new partners, clients, B2B clients, investments, social media reach etc. is taking part in relevant conferences. If you have ever been to one of them, you probably know that being there is not enough to find the answers to your needs. To succeed, you need to participate which usually requires real effort and preparation. Taking into consideration that Wolves Summit is rather diverse, it sometimes might be overwhelming, not only for the first-timers. Which is why, we have prepared few tips that will help you make the most out of the confernce.

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How to acquire +1200 contacts in 2 days?

 "I understand the importance of networking, but it just doesn't come naturally for me. I don't really like it."   Although people who join conferences like Wolves Summit are usually very impressive, successful top players of the business world, many of them either struggle with networking or at least are not fully satisfied with its outcomes. What we have noticed during many conferences we have been to (including our own) is that majority of those people do have much to offer, they just forget that networking, as a form of sales, is a skill that you need to train.   Have you ever found yourself thinking “How do I find new clients?” or "How do I approach networking in a way that will bring a real value to my business?"? Maybe it doesn't feel comfortable for you to approach people and talk to them? Maybe once you stick to one person, you’d rather stay with them for longer or maybe it's the other way around - you don't know how to finish conversation without sounding rude? If your answer to any of those questions was "yes", this post is for you.   Here's the essence of best Wolves practices that will help you master networking

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Startups you want to meet

  Time is the most important and valuable thing you have - no matter what you do, you are never getting it back. So how much of it you spend looking for fresh, innovative ideas... just to realize you have seen most of them already?   We have created Wolves Summit to properly support innovation by giving the participants an access to a platform that assures getting to relevant people 1:1. To bring the essence of the innovative world into one place, shorten the process of its development and save time of this world's game changers. It comes as no surprise then that we focus on who joins the conference, that they actually are relevant and needed in the innovative ecosystem. We pride ourselves on bringing top players among decision-makers: investors, corporates and executives, but there is also this second, just as important group, the brains behind the innovative ideas: startups. What are the steps we are taking to assure that startups joining us bring real value to the event, answer the needs of todays world and fulfill the promise of bringing innovation into the world? Here is the startups you'll meet during Wolves Summit.

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Wolves Summit - Best Quality Networking Conference

“During Wolves Summit’s matchmaking we met two partners from Altamira which is our newest investor. We signed the deal last week.”

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e-Pionier: innovations in IT as ordered

For an ever-growing group of Polish companies and institutions,  the word "innovation" ceases to be just a fashionable slogan and becomes a fact. This is due to the support of the National Centre for Research and Development (NCBR), an executive agency of the Minister of Science and Higher Education, which co-finances innovative projects with market potential conducted by scientists and entrepreneurs. The agency supports innovators at all stages of project implementation, helping "from idea to industry". By "insuring" the risk related to conducting R&D works, it enables to start or continue innovative projects, thanks to which entrepreneurs build their competitive advantage, while end-users stand a chance to use ever better products and services adapted to their needs.

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The 7th edition of Wolves Summit

And there we have it. Another edition of Wolves Summit has come to an end. For the 7th time, we had a great opportunity and a pleasure to invite to Poland the representatives of international and polish corporations, investors and startups to enable them to #create #network and #grow. This time we had two events for our incredible participants:  Wolves Hardware and R&D and Wolves Summit. Since the very beginning of Wolves Summit, our mission was to set up a platform that would help in creating relevant business connections worldwide. This is why, we are very happy and proud to share this years edition results in numbers (Wolves Hardware and R&D and Wolves Summit together)

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