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08:45 AM
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Opening Speech

(published) Diana Florescu - LI-3

Diana Florescu
Director, Wolves Summit; Founder, Grai Ventures

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The Great Pitch Contest Semifinals


09:20 AM
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Innovation Nation: Estonia

Session powered by MIT Enterprise Forum CEE

The presentation aims to inspire, educate and show how Estonia made its way to become one of the most innovative startup ecosystems, and what opportunities the country offers. Blockchain based e-government, paperless and supported by the AI. Autonomous public transport that runs on hydrogen. Drones delivering online shopping and food. Digital ID and 7 unicorns that have been born there, are just a few topics that the presentation will cover.

Daniel Bajer Speaker at Wolves Summit

Daniel Bajer
Director Business Development Poland, EAS Enterprise Estonia

09:50 AM
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Global trends in payment systems for financial institutions

Session powered by MIT Enterprise Forum CEE

For the first time in decades traditional banking needs to confront the new innovative technologies. Are they at risk by the new dynamic start up players or will they adopt and implement cutting edge technologies. Let’s meet the market leaders: Max Marcisiak and Ian Kalla (who implement the the startup tools at the traditional banking) Jaroslaw Swierczewski, Banking Digital Transformation Leader one of the creators of the 1st Polish fully digital bank mBank. 

Aleksandra Kopeć

Aleksandra Kopeć
Community Partner, FinTech Connector

Ian Kalla

Ian Kalla
CXO, Bankish | Core-banking technology solutions

Jaroslaw Swierczewski

Jaroslaw Swierczewski
Banking Digital Transformation Leader (Technology Consulting at the EY Poland), former Head of mBank project (1st Polish digital bank) and coo creator of blik (innovative payment tool)

Piotr Szczepanik

Piotr Szczepanik
Industry Solutions Executive, Microsoft


Kristi Kurvits
Associate, Tera Ventures

10:00 AM
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How to embed sustainable business practices while scaling

When we can no longer ignore the growing social and environmental challenges of our time - from pandemics to floods to mental health concerns to supply and waste management issues - how do we scale businesses that will profit from contributing to the world rather than damaging it.

Olivia Sibony-1

Olivia Sibony
Driving business as a force for good, co-founder of impact platform SeedTribe and Dealmaker at UK Dpt for International Trade

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Fortunis Office Hours


Saket Narula
Investment Director, Fortunis

10:50 AM
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The future of coffee-tech

Lukasz Mrowinski Speaker at Wolves Summit

Łukasz Mrowiński
CEO & Co-founder, ETNO CAFE

speaker no photo

Wiesław Kotecki
Partner, Deloitte Digital

11:00 AM
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Choosing a Co-Founder? How to find the right person

Building a tech venture is incredibly hard - and so is forming the team to do it! We will share our thoughts on how to successfully do it!


Christoph Klink
Partner, Antler

11:20 AM
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Technology, Innovation and Investment – China Resource and Connection

CUTIC and Globe Hub Hangzhou is your connection point to the China Belt and Road Oversea Investment and Outreaching initiatives. We will invite panelists to discuss the business and investment resource and opportunities to the China market and beyond.

Wanning Zhou

Wanning Zhou
Attorney-at-law, Partner of Guantao Law Firm


Allen Wang
Managing Director, Overseas Chinese Investment Management (Singapore) Pte. Ltd.
MBA, Singapore Management University

Xingyu Zhang Speaker at Wolves Summit

Zhang Xingyu
Market Manager, Hangzhou International Talent entrepreneurship and Innovation Park (HITEIP)

Julin Gu

Julin Gu
President, CUTIC and Globe Hub Hangzhou

Elizabeth Ferguson

Elizabeth Ferguson
European Partner GlobeHub Hangzhou, CUTIC; European Manager Schoembs Schwarz Schwan Consulting, Inc.

12:00 PM
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Microsoft and startups - the future of cooperation in post-pandemic era

Myladie will first talk about how Covid-19 has changed the business, and what are the new business models. In the second part of the talk, we'll have two startups joining: Cyberus Lab and Placeme, to continue the discussion on how to adjust to changing environments.

Myladie Stoumbou

Myladie Stoumbou
Regional Director at Microsoft | Innovation Strategist | Startup Mentor | Women Leadership 

Hubert Guzera

Hubert Guzera
CEO and Founder,

Marek Ostafil

Marek Ostafil
Cyberus Labs

12 - 6 PM
SX TECH STAGE streamed to

Sx Tech Stage

Sx Tech Eu is a global community of innovators committed to elevating the human experience through the intersection of technology and sexuality. Sx Tech Eu provides a progressive platform for industry leaders and experts to discuss the latest insights, research, and solutions. Panels and discussions from our speakers include topics ranging from marketing strategies to funding opportunities and obstacles for sex tech. Check out their full agenda for 19th of October here, and the list of speakers below.


02:40 PM
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Why sustainability makes business sense for your startup?

Today’s climate emergency calls for urgent solutions. Given the tech sector’s sizeable contribution to global warming — each year, the internet and its supporting systems produce 900 million tons of CO2 — it’s up to us to find those solutions. With cloud computing usage currently growing exponentially, reducing our sector’s carbon footprint is a number one priority. But how can we do that without hindering financial growth?

Pascal Condamine

Pascal Condamine
Head of Startup Programs, Scaleway

03:00 PM
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Startup Ecosystem Development, A New Normal

Session powered by MIT Enterprise Forum CEE

Marc Penzel of Startup Genome, the world-leading research and policy advisory organization for public and private agencies committed to accelerating the success of their startup ecosystem, will be sharing insights from the newly published Global Startup Ecosystem Report (GSER). The GSER is the world’s most comprehensive and widely-read research on startups with 280 entrepreneurial innovation ecosystems and 3 million startups analyzed. His talk will include insights on recent global trends in the startup market, exclusive findings on Central & Eastern Europe’s startup environment, and a special focus on the Life Sciences subsector. Expect to leave with a better understanding of the world’s and specifically Central & Eastern Europe’s startup ecosystem⁠— the #1 engine of job creation and economic growth.


Ethan Webster
Policy Specialist, Startup Genome

03:20 PM
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A Brief Future Story Of The Digital Economy

Learn how a holistic approach to tech infrastructure will help you expand to new local and international target markets, creating a digital presence with an audience heavily shifting towards online purchasing.

Marcin Misztal

Marcin Misztal
Head of CEE, Stripe

04:00 PM
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Going Global! How can you make international expansion work? 

Startups dream of international growth, requiring a rethink of product, sales, marketing & team. What are the benefits of going global? When is the right time for startups to make this important move? What elements of your business should you have in place before you starting expansion? In this session, we’ll discuss the keys to global success.

Zoltan Vadry Speaker at Wolves Summit 14

Zoltan Vardy
Business  Growth Mentor & Founder, The Launch Code

04:20 PM
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Going Global! How can you make international expansion work? Panel Discussion.

Startups dream of international growth, requiring a rethink of product, sales, marketing & team. In this session, we’ll discuss the keys to global success.

Zoltan Vardy Speaker at Wolves Summit 14

Zoltan Vardy
Business  Growth Mentor & Founder, The Launch Code


Peter Tanczos
Managing Partner, Euroventures

Karolina Wilk-Tryjanowska

Karolina Wilk-Tryjanowska
COO, ReaktorX

Zsuzsa Kecsmar Speaker at Wolves Summit

Zsuzsa Kecsmar
Co-Founder, Antavo

05:00 PM
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Fuelling the new generation of Investors in CEE

Central and Eastern Europe is the new hot spot in technology and innovation, with a promising pipeline of startups that raised their first funding rounds and aspire to become the next global unicorns. Hence, it is no wonder that the CEE investment ecosystem indicates the highest growth rate in the EU, attracting international financial institutions, national and regional financial bodies, and private funds of funds ready to share this stunning burden of greatness.

Do you want to be part of the new golden age of Central and Eastern Europe? Then join us in our mission of educating, providing guidance, and accelerating the next generation of CEE Investors.

Mircea Moraru

Mircea Moraru
Merger & Acquisition Counsel International Law Firm CMS

Ana Bobirca Speaker at Wolves Summit

Ana Bobirca
Chief Investment Officer & Partner, Central European Financial Services

Daniel Dumitrescu Speaker at Wolves Summit

Daniel Dumitrescu
Chief Innovation Officer, InnovX BCR

MIhaela Toader Speaker at Wolves Summit

Mihaela Toader
County Manager, Ilfov Region & Former Minister of EU Funds Romania

Nicu Iancu Speaker at Wolves Summit

Nicu Iancu
President, I2DS2 & Associate Professor of Security Studies and Risk Management

05:40 PM
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What Will the Next Decade Hold for Female Founders?

It might seem like there are more and more women founders and investors in the startup world, and that there are more initiatives than ever to bring women into the tech scene. However, the numbers show only slight progress in this area. We are inviting four role models of the startup world to share their experiences, observations, and advice in a panel discussion about women’s power in the startup world and what the next decade holds for female founders.

Antonia Burridge

Antonia Burridge
Ventures, Co-Founder, PwC Raise

Reshma Sohoni Speaker at Wolves Summit

Reshma Sohoni
Managing Partner, Seedcamp

Maria Hahn

Maria Hahn
CEO and Founder, Nutrix

Anna Wnuk-Błażejczyk

Anna Wnuk-Błażejczyk
Head of Community, European Women in VC

07:30 PM

Networking Party Powered by APX & Ringier Axel Springer Polska

Fireside chat: Media & Startups Mixer
Cooperation with startups can shake and stir the ecosystem of a media company. APX is joining the startup party in the CEE. How do those things mix? Let’s get this party started at a Wolves Summit networking event kicked off with a bubbly chat about media innovation and investments in CEE.

Mor Eini

Mor Eini
Strategic Partnership & Growth, APX

Marek Kopeć RAS

Marek Kopeć
Group Director of Product, Ringier Axel Springer Polska

Maria Ballaun

Maria Ballaun
Strategic Investment Manager, Axel Springer SE




Our Investors Evening is an exclusive, invite-only networking event for a limited number of carefully curated guests. It provides an opportunity to gather in an informal setting to discuss trends, practices, and the challenges of investing. The event takes place in the sophisticated and renowned Hotel Warszawa and consists of two parts: panel discussions and networking. 




VIP party is a separate evening event organized for the holders of Investor, Executive and Corporate tickets. It’s a good chance to network in a less formal way and grow the international network further, share knowledge and experience and build valuable connections.




It’s the Wolves Summit tradition that after the first day of the conference we organize an evening networking party in a nearby club, open for all the participants of the event. It is a good chance to meet and network in a less formal way, as well as to enjoy drinks, good music and the city.

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